George and Arwen Norman

George and Arwen Norman

George and Arwen Norman

Advancing cancer research and therapies was important to George and Arwen Norman as they reviewed their estate plans. Cancer had greatly impacted both of them; Arwen lost her mother to leukemia, George lost his first wife to leukemia and his father battled chronic leukemia. With a strong belief that cancer can be defeated, the Normans decided to make a gift to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund in their will.

"We want to support cancer research because we believe it's important to develop innovative treatments and Dana-Farber does that very well," George said. "We've seen immense growth in the understanding and treatment of leukemia through our experience with our parents, and we want that progress to continue," Arwen added.

Although the Normans' family members were treated at their local hospitals, George and Arwen were well aware of the Institute through its reputation for groundbreaking discoveries and new therapies. The Jimmy Fund's unique partnership with the Boston Red Sox also deepened the Normans' knowledge of Dana-Farber. A devoted Red Sox fan, George tuned into games from across the globe throughout his career with the Navy.

The Normans found it easy and straightforward to create an estate gift customized to their specific financial and philanthropic goals. This future gift allows George and Arwen to take care of their family and also give to a mission with great meaning to them.

"Our estate gift was our personal choice. It was important for us to create a legacy to benefit others," George said. "With this gift, we can provide for our children and also help people beyond our family."

"It is appealing to know that we are contributing to the future development of cancer research," Arwen said. "In the years to come, we believe more people will survive cancer rather than succumb to it."

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