Thoughtful gift of real estate recognizes exemplary care and research

Judy Murray

Judy Murray, RN, MSN, NP

As a nurse practitioner and passionate patient advocate, Judy Murray, RN, MSN, NP, spent much of her career helping others get the care they needed. She was inquisitive, committed, and tireless in seeking the highest standard of health care possible—whether it was through her job or for family and friends.

Judy was not easily swayed by reputation alone. While she knew of Dana-Farber’s world-renowned status, as a patient she sought to validate it. Judy’s research confirmed she was receiving the best possible treatment; the wonderful, unexpected bonus was the comforting, personal care she received from her team, especially oncologist Beth Overmoyer, MD, and oncology clinical specialist Michael Comeau, RN, MSN, CPON.

“Dana-Farber’s combination of cutting-edge treatment coupled equally with personal care and a gentle touch significantly impacted our family’s experience,” said Doris Sinkevich, one of Judy’s sisters.

Sadly, a cure did not come in time for Judy, but she thoughtfully left a generous gift of real estate to Dana-Farber in her estate plans. The proceeds from the sale of her property will further the groundbreaking research and patient care that she so greatly admired.

“Judy wanted to continue the legacy of the outstanding and personalized care that she received,” said Doris. “She truly believed that her gift could enable and support the ongoing research that will help ultimately win the battle against cancer.”

Judy’s compassionate and generous gift will further both Dana-Farber’s mission, and her legacy as a tireless patient advocate.

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